About TapCrowd Events

TapCrowd Events is a space for event profs. TapCrowd Events tries to help Event Profs by providing lots of information from the experience of creators of TapCrowd Events.

It especially tries to resolve technical difficulties in the event industry. TapCrowd Events also helps you become Event Marketing Rockstar.

If you want to become an Event Marketing Rockstar, TapCrowd Events is the place to be in.

So, if you are an Event Profs or an Entrepreneur looking to make your event efficient and profitable, you have come to the right place.

We are gonna talk a lot about tools and software to efficiently manage entire event marketing campaigns.

Future of TapCrowd Events

We know, we are not we are not being so helpful for event profs at the time, but we have big plan for future.

Managing events is difficult. Tools can not just reduce your work, but there are loads of things which you can not achieve without these event marketing tools. But the event management tools are very expensive. The even worse part is there is not one single event tool suite that can do it all. So, to manage your event effectively, you need to purchase at least 5 tools’ subscription.

This is gonna change.

We want to create an end to end, complete suit of Event Marketing tools and avail it for every event profs. The tools will as per with the best in the industry, but affordable for everyone.

Wish us all the best.

People behind TapCrowd Events

We are currently working undercover.

Hey, this is Event Prof X.

I currently work in an event solution company. There I get to talk to hundreds of other event profs each month, we consult many Event Marketers to achieve amazing results with their event marketing. I have quite a lot of experience about problems of Event Prof guys.

But I am not quite happy with the technical solutions and services provided by my company, as well as the entire industry.

Well, there is nothing wrong, but when I see there is a lot of scope for improvement, but the industry is not interested in improving, it makes me sad.

So, I decided to take the matter in my hand. I discussed the matter with amazing event marketing expert, writer and entrepreneur, let’s call her Even Prof Y and one developer friend, let’s call him Event Prof Z, started this website.

Mostly Event Prof Y manages this website and content, with some support and direction from. Event Prof Z, and I work on creating the technology awaking all night.

It’s being hard as though Event Prof Z is an amazing developer, but our solutions require a lot of technologies and experience, and didn’t know a single line code before starting this project.

So, it is taking a long time to come up with something awesome.

Why are we undercover?

And if you are thinking, about NDA with my company, well I believe I’m not disclosing or using that company’s private assets. And I have not signed any NDA either. And I am sure I am not doing immoral.

Yet we don’t want to get exposed ourselves to employers. So, we are undercover.

Beside all those reasons, we find it cool to work on something big undercover.

We need your support

If you have any suggestion regarding how can TapCrowd Events be even more awesome, please let us know.

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