How to Promote B2B Events like an Event Marketing Rockstar

When it comes to B2B Marketing, Event is one of the most effective ways to achieve your business goals. The thing is people buy from people. In B2B you can meet your clientele or partner companies in person. The secret of a successful B2B Event is a lot of promotions. You have to promote the heck out of it.

You need a plan

Make your event memorable, build hype

Before anything, try to make your event look cool, sound a big deal. Hi popular speakers, cool destinations. – these things attract audiences and press, makes stakeholders proud to share with their audience. Find some story, think of some message to send without it all the promotion effort (that will talk about in some time) gonna go in vain.

Craft a message to send, why should I care

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Create an event website and an event app

(Marx com) create an event app and an event website. This will help the potential audience learn all about the event at one place. Which gives the audience confidence. Huge bonus of Branding.

Content marketing:

It might be very flattering to hear this, putting your event well before the time. I am talking about will be for like one year or two years before. Accident marketing will work. So when this take so much time to be effective, why am I listening to this at the top? Because the quality audience you achieve through content marketing is the best among all. If done well, the audience will be very loyal, and later you need to put a lot less effort during the sales process. Type of content you create matters a lot. Need to make sure that you are creating content that your potential event looking for. Just creating any content that generates traffic will not be of much help. What about this on content marketing to promote your event. Also, choose the right platforms. So here are some ideas  

Website Blog

A blog (which can be a standalone blog or a blog as a part of your business or personal or a event website) can be the best component for content marketing. The scope of a blog is huge, you have a lot of control over it and its audiences. Also from all other platforms you use to promote your event (like media platforms, we will discuss right after this) you want to send the audience here in your blog.     Guest post: Blog articles to be published on other websites in the industry. Find out the websites magazines and journals in your industry and write some useful content to impress the audience there. Also, make them aware about your brand, promote your event, and help yourself as thought leader in the industry.    

Social Media Marketing


This is the best for B2B event promotion. Use hashtags, join topics. Refer the Gary Vee’s video on LinkedIn as the best platform     – – In all social media platforms create hashtags for your event. In LinkedIn, post your event, in Facebook create an event      

Press release

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Value can use as you as part of content marketing. Show the blog article you want to rank through SEO and get search engine traffic. Also do the SEO for your event website, so that when people search for something related to your event they will find your website in Google.        


AdWords search network ads for your event Display networks ads Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ads You can even push your content marketing with these ads, so for example, promote your best contents with FB ads.         – – – Ask speakers sponsors and other stakeholders, and your employees talk and spread about your event. This is very very important.    

Influencer marketing

Influencers talk about your event. They may or may not be attending your event but ask them to talk about it. In case you don’t know how to approach them, maybe start with very basic like simply let them know about your event. Inviting to your event, maybe give them a free pass, anything that helps you connect with them. Try to build good relations with them.        

Email marketing:

Email marketing is a big part of content marketing. So write good email content that your audience will love.   Promote website content through emails, bring some traffic to your website.   Another thing you can try is – get some database of email IDs of businesses in your industry. Especially email addresses of marketing managers of some companies.      

Attend networking events:

YouTube need to attend events, become a speaker other events improve your brand awareness as well as awareness for your event. This is also one of the most important methods. Make sure, you are targeting their event in your own industry.        

During event

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After the event

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