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People want their event to be successful, and they invest a lot of money doing so. Now there are times when a lot of money is spent and the outcome is not favourable. This is because they have not applied proper event management ideas to attract traffic at their door. This article is going to list the top 30 event ideas that will help you get more customers, and you will be the talk of the town.

Free promotional ideas for events

1. Use a press release to promote your event

Now if you want your event to be the most lavish thing that people have seen, then you wish to have bloggers, local reporters and editors covering every scene of your incident. Get it to contact websites that will press release your event to various media outlets.

2. Stay updated

You must stay in touch with them with the latest technologies that are involved in event management. Nowadays there are applications which show the virtual reality of events. Meaning a customer who is planning an event can contact you, and you with the help of latest technologies can show them how the event is scheduled and how it will take place. Real estate professionals use virtual reality to show houses to clients with the help of virtual reality. In this way, the customer need not visit the actual site but gets to know the interior and the exterior of the house.

Promote your events on social media

3. Make local influencers part of your deal

Now contacting a local influencer in social media like a dream come true. This can attract a lot of traffic at your event. This section can be well understood with the help of an example. Let’s say Apple wants to launch a celebration of its latest release. Now people should know about the product before they come to Apple’s launch event. So, Apple gives some of the porotype phones to the users, so that they can review it in front of their millions of followers. Once the phone is reviewed positively in front of the followers, the followers get interested in coming to the event. Most of the companies pay the influencer to review the product. Meaning the influencer discusses their product and gets money from the company, and on the other hand, the company receives traffic from the influencers to come to their launch event. You can also contact the student body president in come colleges and channel your idea through them. If you are thinking of how to promote an event in college. Then this might not be a bad idea.

4. Live streams

There are numerous ideas for event marketing, but the most useful ones are known as email marketing and Facebook live streams. Recently there was a company in China which mainly dealt with selling computers and laptop. Since they were strictly retail, so they very not getting enough number of customers. The online market had taken its profit, and nobody visited the stores to buy technology. Thus, they hired a digital marketing agency to boost their sales, and the first thing they suggested was Facebook live streams. The staff of the company did a 15-minute live stream to let their audience know about their latest gadgets and accessories that were available in their stores. They promoted the video with $50, and within a week the retail store was flooded with new and customers that turned into potential investors. So, from the above information, it is evident that if you want to promote any upcoming events then make your followers excited about it through live streams.

5. Facebook Geo-marketing

This marketing Is done through ads. You will have the option to target the audience, geographically. Meaning fakebook allows spreading the news of the event in the entire world or a particular region that you want to focus on.

6. vote it out

Social media is a great platform where you have constant interaction with the crowd. Create a Facebook page and mention all the details of your event. Once done, ask the social media community to vote for your event. More the vote, more the popularity.

7. consistent hashtag

Well, when it comes to hashtag and then Instagram should be your first choice. Create a business account and then use some event-related hashtags to promote your most. This will attract a lot of attention to your event.

Innovate b2b event marketing ideas

8. Take the help of joint marketing

Joint marketing means that a product is manufactured by one company and another company distributes it. Take for example mobile company known as Motorola. Now Motorola teams with amazon and Walmart to market their latest launches in their websites. Now if Motorola decides to sell their product on their site, then there will extra money invested. So, both the parties share the profit of the product and marketing comes at a little cost.

College event promotional idea

9. Being proactive

This means pull up a stunt near a college campus or in public place. The producers of snow-white wanted everyone to know about their movie. So, they hired an actress who lay sleep on the college campus and open areas for 4 hours dressed as snow white. People passing by could not help but inform her, and that’s how they got the information about the movie and the launch date. Cool promotional event ideas like these will make you stand out from the crowd.

Some really cool unique promotional event ideas

10. Making landing pages

Event promotion ideas are not completed unless you make the use of landing pages. Landing pages are the pages that make your people know about the event and why this event can be beneficial for them. For instance, landing pages of the mobile company would state that end users will have the opportunity to review their latest launch if they come to their launch event. They would have the privilege to study the smartphone in their respective channels before it hits the market for sale.

11. Trailer content

Details are one of the greatest things that should be given more and more attention. This means as more and more people will know what will be the experience, venue and layout of your events, you can bring in more and more crowds. The technique is creating an engaging trailer content that will be smart and edgy at the same time. Once the content is created, you can spread social media and YouTube to generate the maximum number of views.

12. Add value to your product

Adding value to your product would mean that you are adding valuable sponsors to your event. To do this, you need to host a trade conference and let your sponsors know why they should invest money into your event and how profitable they can get with it.

13. Maximize ticket sales

Maximizing ticket sales for your event can draw more and more crowds. To know how to this, refer to this article which is filled with information n how to increase your sales. Give a good read on the blog to understand how it is done.

14. Speakers and sponsors

When speakers and sponsors are highlighted through the video, then you would get signups even before your event is in progress. For example, if there is a celebrity who promises to be at your event, then there will be signups in advance. This automatically amplifies your activity at a larger scale.

15. Interactive entertainment

This means that you need to add some of the unique show into your event. People will not accept this, and when you showcase them something unique, that will make your event highly successful. For example, if you are doing a technology event then out of now where you can do magic show to surprise your attendees.

16. Disappearing content

This means you need to make use of the geo filter to its full potential. You can make use of snap chat lens which will let the people share your event ideas with others. If you are in the mood of holding an open house conference then geo filer will work like a dream.

17. costume to stand out

This is great when you need a sponsor for your vent. Dress to impress, as they say, has a literal meaning here. This means you need to present yourself as the event. If you are dealing in technology then dress as a robot or if you are trading in makeup. Paint your face with new ideas of composition.

18. Attract attention

This means you need to take care of three things. One is known as the prize, and the second is Hosts and the third id questions. Make sure your attendees know that you are having giveaways in your event. This would drive in lots of crowds. Secondly, our event should have a popular host, and thirdly you should welcome any questions that will come in your way.

Online ideas to promote your event

19. Expert for digital marketing

There are software systems that will tell you what are the things that are needed to create a successful event. All you need to do is register with these software’s and the software will review your profile under 30 minutes and provide you with essential tips and tricks to generate more traffic. Some of the best available event management software available in the market webmobi. With this advanced software, you can campaign and manage your event simultaneously.

20. Email with subjects

Emails without subjects hold no meaning. For creating engaging email marketing, you should always add some enticing questions. For example, if your event is based on technology then subjects like come to the most fabulous tech event ever would make the customers interested.

21. Dedicated websites

Most of the people will view your site before they sign up for any occasion. They would want to know the list of exhibitors, venue and arrangement that are made at your event. For this design a website where getting information is secure. You can refer to Wix to create an attractive web platform or use drag and drop feature using a website builder.

22. WIFI marketing

WIFI marketing is a great way that improves marketing for your events and also enhances the quality of the website. WIFI marketing will allow you to send push notifications like email and text automatically to the audiences that you wish to target. When WIFI marketing is combined with proper email marketing, it will create good awareness for your event.

Offline event promotion ideas

23. Connect with local radio talk hosts

Event marketing ideas are not justified if local radio talk hosts are not mentioned. Time and time radio have proven as one of the most significant platforms to promote event marketing ideas. Companies that have come with successful events have connected with the local radio talk hosts to make their event successful. Now you may think that this kind of promotion can be expensive. The answer is yes, and no. Yes because, if you want to advertise your event through a popular talk show then the producer may charge you a hefty amount. On the other hand, if you can find a talk show that fits your target customers, then the charge can be much less. So, the main idea lies in deciding which talk show you should contact. For instance, you might contact the producer of a talk show and make the host the brand ambassador for your business. In this way, you are generating traffic, and talk show hosts are getting more and more television rating points.

24. Local libraries

Realize that local libraries have a community of their own. They can be a great help in letting people know about your upcoming event. The marketing cost on libraries is zero since they advertise their own networks and run daily schedules on the newspaper. To do this just contact some of the staff members of a library and traffic will get generated on their own.

25. Beautiful posters

This means you need to give attention to the advertisements and flyers that you have for your event. Find some talented designers whop would design some eye-catching posters which will provide enough information to people who are attending your event. This can be considered as one of the marketing event ideas for colleges.

26. objectives and Goals

Now this means that there should clear transparency between you and your co-workers who are managing the game with you. Everything should be planned. Any last-minute changes are complicated to be made when there is an event taking place

27. special graphic

Experts say that marketing ideas for event planners don’t get complicated without particular graphic. There should be unique realistic animation in the promoted videos you play or in the electronic hoardings that are present in the highway or in the streets.

28. charity events

Make use of charity events. Talk to event planner of the charity event cut out a deal and promote your development. The money you will be spending on the charity event will automatically go someone in need. So basically, you are helping and improvising, and there is no harm in that.

Post Event promotional ideas

29. CRM

This is a software that takes of the aftermath of the event. Let’s say your event has been very successful and there were 300 attendees. Now If you want to host a similar event in the future, it’s not possible to call the 300 attendances manually and inform them about the event. This is the time when CRM comes into practice. During the first time, make sure to get the contact details of every attendance, now in the future, you can use the platform of CRM to email and call for audiences that came to your event previously.

30. Event planning mistakes

Now there are a lot of people who are going to tell you that event marketing will require a lot of money. That’s is not valid. If you are wondering where can I promote my event for free? Then social media is your answer. Event planning mistakes can come in the form of poor planning. Communication and customer dissatisfaction.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it is clear that these 30 event marketing ideas can make your event very successful. All the ideas presented above will clear your thoughts of how do you promote an event successfully? Now some people manage to pull up a great game but the people are not happy since the event promotion long and becomes tedious over time. So, if you are stuck with the question of how long should you promote an event. Then the answer is 2 hours each day until the final day of your event.

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