Factors to Consider in Venue Selection

Choosing a perfect venue is a crucial decision to make for your event success. Whether you are planning a 10 person office party or a 1000 person conference or tradeshow, the first thing to consider is – the venue.

Choice of venue determines many of the elements of events planning. Once the venue is decided, many other things fall into place, things like – the exact date, floor plan, decoration, entertainment, food.

Even so many times the venue may be an obvious part of the theme of the event. A corporate party that takes place in a zoo is using the venue as part of the event experience. However, for many events, the venue can be regarded as an empty canvas and theme of the event is painted on it, and the venue selection is done based on other factors.

Events can be staged in a range of unusual spaces, from unused factories, parkland, car parks or shopping centres, to floating stages on water or using flat-back trailers from articulated lorries in a supermarket car park. The event manager can exploit the surroundings and characteristics of the venue to enhance the event experience.

So, the venue is hugely influential factors on your attendee experience. There are lots to learn. Let’s dive into factors to consider before you begin the venue search:

15 Factors to consider for choosing a venue for an event


Matching the venue with the theme of the event

Size of the venue and the size of the event

Venue configuration, including sightlines and seating configuration

History of events at that venue, including the venue’s reputation, background verification


What the venue can provide


Lighting, AV and Technical requirements

Transport to, from and around the venue; parking

Access for the audience, equipment, performers, VIPs, staff and the disabled

Restrooms and other facilities

Catering equipment and preferred caterers

Power (amount available and outlets) and lights

Climate, including microclimate and ventilation

Emergency plans and exits

Security needs

Here are the important things to look for when selecting a venue. However, depending on the types of event, some factor will be more important than others.

For e.g. for music events, the availability of space for the audience, stage, backstage facilities, parking is the main consideration. Where, for conferences location of the event is the main consideration, the venue being within an hour of travelling time from the major city or airport is ideal.

And the final consideration is, whether your event requires a physical location at all. With the ongoing development of technologies like AR-VR, Video conferencing on so many occasions it is possible to create event better experience than a physical location. It is maybe possible that your event serves well virtually. Learn how to host a virtual event successfully.

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