Best College Fests in India to make you groove

College Fest emotion to the students. Almost every student waits for the time in a year when the college Fest will happen. And they will break free from all the monotonous schedule for a small period. This is the place where they can forget all their attention and precious and enjoy to the fullest. Also, the students can show their talent and hone their skills through who are several extracurricular activities in the college fest. So College Fest is a whole new world to a student of a particular college. Here we have given the list of best college Fest happen in India. India is a place where college Fest a different level of enthusiasm among the students. Because India is a country with a lot of variety among the people and those people can get along with each other in the college fests itself. In India, all types of Arts and sports are always welcome and college fest is the place where these cultures grow to a certain height.

1. Mood Indigo of IIT Bombay:

The most popular college Fest of India is Mood Indigo of IIT Bombay. It is the annual fest of IIT Bombay which started in 1971 and has grown to a certain height that the whole country waits for this. This event has a great diversity in the range of events. Total of 200 events takes place of 20 genres in mood Indigo. Generally, it takes place in the last week of December and it is the Asia’s largest college Fest ever.

The popular events of this fest are contemporary night, human-fest, Illuminati, theatre fest, EDM night etc. And also a lot of celebrities perform in this fest including Sonu Nigam, Indian Ocean, Shaan, Shankar Ahsaan Loy etc. So Mood Indigo has already gained international recognition.

Because it has a world record of the most number of international artists performing in a college Fest which happened in 2011.

They have a record about the most number of people consuming Oreo cookies together in 2013. Except that they have also gained recognition about the largest 3D floor painting in 2015. And making the largest portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016. So it can be said that mood Indigo is grand college Fest one can see ever in India.

Place: IIT Bombay

Time: Last Week of December every year

2. Oasis of BITS Pilani:

BITS Pilani is already a college which has worldwide recognition because of its academics. But it has also some level of creativity in its 96-hour long college Fest named Oasis. Birla Institute of Technology and Science arrange this college Fest in October every year. And the events continuous non-stop which is the most remarkable feature of this college Fest.

Almost 90 colleges take part in the oasis for different types of events like photography competition, Rock competition, treasure Hunt, talent Hunt, rap wars etc. And the celebrities like Kailash Kher and Neeraj Shridhar performed in this college fest with full energy. The interesting thing about oasis is it is the only fest where rap what in that event the rappers from all over the country come to compete with each other.

Place: BITS Pilani Mumbai

Time: October every year

3. Rendezvous of IIT Delhi:

IIT Delhi arranges this college fest where the annual cultural night goes to a certain height and no student should miss the opportunity of experiencing this ever. De organise it for 4 days in October every year and it is the largest college Fest ever in North India. Almost 50 competitions are held here with 50,000 external students participating in it.

Among all the popular events the most impactful events are electronica which is the battle of DJs, brushless painting competition, storytelling through photographs, b buoying battle, mono acting competition etc.

There are so many celebrity performers who have appeared here like Arijit Singh, Javed Ali, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Sharma etc.

The most interesting thing about this college Fest is movie stars prefer this festival to promote their films because it is considered to be the largest event which gathers the most number of youth every year.

Place: IIT Delhi

Time: October every year

4. Incident of NIT K:

National Institute of Technology Karnataka organises one of the largest college Fest in South India and it is considered to be a platform to enjoy as well as a place which has a lot of learning experience along with fun.

And the famous events of this festival are modelling, classical music competition, gaming events, and Kannada events. Also, they have some popular workshops where they teach self-defence for women, cartoon film making etc.

There are so many celebrity performers who perform in an incident of NITK are Sunidhi Chauhan, KK etc. The most mesmerizing fact of National Institute of Technology Karnataka is their own a private beach where they arrange for volleyball or football championship during their college Fest.

Place: NIT Karnataka

Time: Varies every year according to locations

5. Waves of BITS Goa:

BITS Pilani Goa arrangers one of the most Hike College Fest named waves. This college Fest is a bit new because it started in 2006 but it has grown full-fledged because of the gorgeous location of it as well as awesome events happening there. It is organised in the time being of end of October or early in November because Goa remains at its best during this season. It is a three day long fest where almost 40,000 students take part.

The most popular events of waves are fashion designing and display competition, adventure sports like paintball or bungee run, Indo Western fusion dance competition etc.

The celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Indian Ocean, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Vishal Shekhar etc. Have performed here. One of the most famous events of waves is the wave ball event which is designed for couples only.

Place: BITS Pilani Goa

Time: End of October or early November

6. Malhar of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai:

St. Xavier’s college of Mumbai arranges one of the most enthusiastic college Fest in India named malhar. It is a 35 years old festival which is considered to be one of the largest youth festivals in India. This fest is a bit different from another fest because here along with the competitions some type of conclave or panel discussions take place which can grow your knowledge to a certain level.

The most popular events of malhar are Comic Katha, cover story, amateur night etc. Every year there are some very important celebrities come to give the appearance in this college fest like Dr Raghuram Rajan and Dr Shashi Tharoor.

For some years St. Xavier’s college Mumbai has started and event name Chaka Chak in malhar which is the clean-up drive of the college to clean the Mumbai beaches which are very noble step from their side.

Place: St. Xavier’s College Mumbai

Time: Varies every year

7. Pravega of IISC Bangalore:

IISC Bangalore ranger’s pravega which is the college Fest of different sectors and organised in January every year. In this college Fest, you will get to see the events involving chemistry, biology, mathematics, mechanics and physics. The people come here to find themselves to meet the intellectual person in the daytime and their day with a rocking party in the evening.

The famous events of this festival are Hackathon, gaming competitions etc. The DJ night is remarkable in this college Fest and the uniqueness of this fest is the amalgamation of Science and art during the period.

Place: IISC Bangalore

Time: January every year

8. Crossroads of SRCC:

Shri Ram College of commerce has its cultural festival crossroads which is famous in Delhi University and the popularity of this fest lies in the college’s alumni association and the broad range of sponsorship in this fest.

The popular events of this fest are rain dance, street play, fashion design, star night etc. There are so many celebrities who perform in this fest every year including Farhan Akhtar, Atif Aslam, DJ chetas etc. It is the largest college festival in Delhi university almost 8 to 10000 visitors visit this place every day during the festival.

Place: SRCC in Delhi

Time: March every year

9. Mecca of Hindu College:

Hindu college has a rivalry with Shri ram College of Commerce as both of them come under the Delhi University only. And they compete with each other in their college fest every year. The most popular events of Hindu College Fest is Sufi evening, Rock and roll event and pop music event. The celebrities like Salim Sulaiman, Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Shekhar performed in this event and it is considered to be the best College Fest in Delhi in terms of the hospitality of them.

Place: Hindu College in Delhi

Time: March every year

10. Nexus of Sri Venkateswara College:

This college comes under the Delhi University and it has an awesome College Fest with different kind of unique events throughout the time. The uniqueness of this college lies in that you can have only vegetarian food there during the time of the fest.

The popular events of this College Fest is the battle of bands, Mr and Ms Nexus, chocolate-eating contest etc. the celebrity performers come here like Kailash Kher, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan etc. the matter of fact of Nexus is the college does not sell passes for the star night of their event but they give passes to their students to distribute among their friends. So if you want to attend this fest you have to know someone from college for sure.

Place: Sri Venkateswara College in Delhi

Time: August every year

11. Reverie of Gargi College:

Gargi College of Delhi University arranges every which is one of the most impactful College Fest of India stretching for 2 days. The popular events of this College Fest fashion show, magic show etc. And there are so many celebrity performers who performed in displaced like Monali Thakur, Kailash Kher, Mohit Chauhan, KK etc.

The people who like to do some shopping during this College Fest time, they must visit this one because it has a lot of beautiful stores here which cell awesome accessories for you and always make sure that you carry some cash with you to enjoy these stalls even more.

Place: Gargi College in Delhi

Time: January every year

12. Tarang of Lady Sri Ram College:

Lady Shri Rams College power rangers this College Fest every year and all the boys of Delhi University wait for this time of the event when the college will be open for everyone for 4 days long because of Tarang. There are so many reasons why question music competition, choreography, EDM night, stage play competition etc. And iconic celebrities like Rahul Bose and Kenny Sebastian appeared in this College Fest before. The most fascinating thing in this College Fest is the food from the canteen which is delicious and unique at this time.

Place: Lady Sri Ram College in Delhi

Time: February every year

13. The confluence of Hansraj College:

Hansraj College arranges confluence every year which is very popular in the North Campus of Delhi University and the whole South campus come to enjoy in this fest every year. This fest has the events like star night, Kavi sammelan and choreography in its pocket. And also the celebrities like Honey Singh and Diljit Dosanjh come to perform there. The popularity of this fest increases when some Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh khan come here during this time being an alumnus of this college.

Place: Hansraj College in Delhi

Time: March every year

14. Montage of Jesus and Mary College:

This College Fest is considered to be one of the poshest fest of Delhi university South campus and the first continuous from day to night until you get tired. The famous events of this fest are graffiti competition, radio jockey hunt, solo singing competition etc. And the celebrities like Nakash Aziz has performed in this fest previously. This College Fest has no entrance fee and if you hold any kind of Delhi University ID Card you can visit this fest for free.

Place: Jesus and Mary College in Delhi

Time: February every year

15. Renaissance of Kirori Mal College:

This College Fest of kirori Mal College is a complete attention grabber throughout India. It is a phrase where different types of events like stage play competition and free play competition take place for 3 days long. The celebrities like ayushmann Khurana, Varun Dhawan, Euphoria have performed. And this fest is considered to be a place with full-on drama.

Place: Kirori Mal College in Delhi

Time: Varies every year

16. Ullas of Kamla Nehru College:

This College Fest of Kamla Nehru College is full of fashion parade. In this fest, the most popular events of the fashion show and choreographer competition which is in itself a very glamorous event ever. The celebrities like Sona Mohapatra and Shakti Mohan has performed earlier in this fest. Also, the matter of fact of this fest is there are some workshops which go on during the time being of this fest and you can go to the fest if you want to acquire some skills regarding those workshops.

Place: Kamla Nehru College in Delhi

Time: March every year

17. Tempest of Miranda House:

Miranda House arrange this fest every year in which the battle of bands and dance events are the craziest ones there. The celebrities like Arijit Singh and Sona Mohapatra has performed in this fest earlier and made this fest a crowd drawer every year.

Place: Miranda House in Delhi

Time: February every year

18. Saarang of IIT Madras:

One of the biggest college fest of India is Saarang of IIT Madras. Almost 50,000 people come every year to witness this extravaganza and it is an ISO certified demographic diversity which is already a record. It is a kind of fest where energy is the main requirement to attend it because all the events are full of energy and the whole three-day-long fest has a lot of celebrity appearances like Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam etc. The College Fest has almost 50 events with 20 workshops and takes place in January every year.

Place: IIT in Madras (Chennai)

Time: January every year

19. Riviera of VIT:

Vellore Institute of Technology arranges Riviera which is an ISO certified annual carnival involving sports and cultural events. The arrange four days faced with full of extravagant activities of all types of Arts including sports. They also arrange for a marathon which followed by the star night to make their crowd groove. The fest takes place in February every year.

Place: Vellore Institute of Technology

Time: February every year

20. Alcheringa of IIT Guwahati:

IIT Guwahati is known for its awesome College Fest Alcheringa. This faced takes place in January every year and they conduct 70 events with 4000 students participating from almost 400 colleges and they give away the prices of 11 lacs rupees which is quite huge in terms of College Fest in India.

Place: IIT Guwahati

Time: January every year

Except these, there are some other famous college fests throughout India. They are:

Unmaad of IIM Bangalore

Ragam of NIT Calicut

Thomso of IIT Roorkee

Spring Fest of IIT Kharagpur

Antaragni of IIT Kanpur

Festember of NIT Trichy and so on.



College Fests are important for students every year. And it is the time when all the students forget everything in their life and enjoy to the fullest. This time the students become very much enthusiastic about the events. They become excited to showcase their talent in the bigger arena.

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